iGAAFan, a new smartphone app, is hoping to bring the GAA further into the 21st century by allowing GAA fans to interact with their favorite club and county teams on their phones.

SiliconRepublic reports that iGAAFan is currently still in its testing stages with only the Derry and Tyrone County Boards in trial at the moment, but developers anticipate all 32 counties being available on the app.

The new app has been developed by Belfast digital start-up Wasp Solutions, which is under the direction of former Derry inter-county footballer Karl Diamond. 

Diamond said that iGAAFan can provide GAA clubs the opportunity to become more entrepreneurial as clubs will be able to fundraise via the app.

According to Wasp Solutions, iGAAFan will give users access to news and player lineups, plus the latest fixtures and results. Fans will also be able to interact with one another through iGAAFan Chat and Facebook and Twitter.

Endorsing the app is Tyrone GAA manager Mickey Harte, who said the app will bring fans right to the heart of GAA action. Harte added that iGAAFan will promote county-fan interaction at a whole new level by letting spectators share their views while a game is ongoing.

The app has been developed for Android and iOS systems and is currently available for download at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Derry manager Brian McIver; Karl Diamond, director, Wasp Solutions; and Tyrone manager Mickey HarteSiliconRepublic