Frank McCourt should have the right to screw up his own business if he wants to.

He bought and paid for the Los Angeles Dodgers and it is ridiculous to see Major League Baseball try and take it off him.

I'm glad to see he is fighting back and will fight to keep his team.

I know Frank's brother, David McCourt well,a great businessman,and like Frank a proud Irish American.

I'm sure Frank will not take the nonsense that is being dished out by Bud Selig.

It is not like the Dodgers have underperformed under his ownership.

They were unlucky not to reach a world series under Joe Torre.

Attendance has kept up and McCourt has done his best to keep his private battles with his wife over the divorce well away from the team itself.

Sure he has problems, but look around Major League Baseball owners and show me one who does not.

Here in New York, the late and now revered George Steinbrener ended up in court on many occasions, Fred Wilpon of the Mets got folks to invest with Bernie Madoff.

And so it goes.

Frank McCourt is a buccaneer, a larger than life businessman who has made his mistakes.

And now nanny-like MLB comes to take his team off him.

They need to grow up and let McCourt sort out his own problems and let his team get back to winning.