Charlie Weis is completing his first season at Kansas Jayhawks and although his former college Notre Dame are having massive success this season he’s not taking any credit for it.

Weis coached the Fighting Irish for five years and was there when the majority of the key players were signed on to the Notre Dame team, including the linebacker Manti Te'o from Hawaii. However, Weis declined the opportunity to talk about his former team’s success.

He released a statement which read, “I have received several requests to speak about Notre Dame and their terrific season.

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“As the head coach of the University of Kansas, I do not believe it is my place.

“Notre Dame and the South Bend community will always be a special place for the Weis family. We have a home in Granger, a short distance from our charity, Hannah and Friends. Our daughter Hannah will move there next summer, so the Weis family will always be there to support the quality of life for those fine individuals who deal with different abilities."

Weis finished up at Notre Dame in 2009 having brought the team to a 35-27 record. The Fighting Irish made the BCS bowl games in Weis’ first two seasons before 2007. He was replaced by Brian Kelly.

He continued, “Coach Kelly, his staff and, of course, the players have done a great job to achieve their 12-0 record and No. 1 standing.

“I have personal relationships with several of the older players and will always support them. Though we recruited them to Notre Dame, they have reached their goal together under Coach Kelly's guidance.

"I believe that I should not be speaking of their success as if I were still the head coach. People all want to take credit when things go well! I simply want to wish them good luck. To avoid becoming a distraction, please accept this statement as the last thing I will have to say on this matter."

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The Jayhawks are set to close their season at West Virginia this weekend. Currently Kansas is 1-10 under Weis this season and is 0-8 in Big 12 conference play.