It seems the English cricket team have long memories. Five months ago, they lost their Grand Slam at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin after Ireland’s 24-8 victory.

It was a routing they won't soon forget.

Now the defeated team will return to Dublin at the weekend to pursue their World Cup plans having beaten Wales at home and then lost in Cardiff.

The stakes are high: another defeat by Ireland would put England under pressure going into the World Cup.

England Coach Graham Rowntree told Metro Sports: ‘This is definitely not a friendly. We’ve not forgotten what they did to us over there. We got well beaten and it’s in the back of our minds. It will be fuelling our fires at the weekend, that’s for sure.

‘That’s the beauty of playing a game like this against Ireland so close to getting on the plane. We are purposely playing this close to the World Cup so we get on the plane battle-hardened. That means coming off the back of an intense game with a win.

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‘We were frustrated with that loss in Wales. I’d think Ireland are disappointed with their losses so far. If we lose it will put a bit of  pressure on us. It would be nothing we can’t handle – but it will put a bit of pressure on us, for sure.'

It's understood Rowntree plans to play the nations strongest available team to tackle Ireland. Prepare for an epic battle.

Irish cricket team celebrate after World Cup win