Did Notre Dame run up the score on Air Force at Notre Dame stadium today?

Leading 42-16 the Irish played much of the second half in all out offensive drives.

It is easy to see why.

Coach Brian Kelly wants to instill a fear factor into this team so that future opponents will come to town knowing they are against a top college team.

So no, Kelly did not run up the score. But Notre Dame showed once again, but for two Twilight Zone losses they should be 6-0.

Also the days of Dayne Crist as back up quarterback are over and Tommy Hendrix may well be challenging strongly for Tommy Rees's job next season.

Hendrick was a revelation in the running role and strikes me as much more a Kelly-type quarterback than Rees will ever be.

For now Kelly has the best of both worlds, using Rees and having Hendrix come in as a running and passing threat.

Kelly has turned this team around and the two early season losses are now firmly in the rear view mirror.

But they must go through the rest of the season unbeaten to earn a good bowl berth.

This week they should surely crack the Top 25. After all, Air Force had run Oklahoma close.

Brian Kelly must be looking forward to the future.