It's been a tough season for Indie car racer Danica Patrick.

She has already competed in 12 nationwide series races this year and has yet to finish in the top-20 and this weekend was a big disappointment.

Patrick, 28, finished in 32nd place at the Wypall 200 on Saturday at the Phoenix International Raceway.

However her crew were optimistic enough about the race.

Her spotter, T.J. Majors commended Patrick's ability to get past Tony Raines and Alex Kennedy while there was about 70 laps left in the race.

“That’s about the coolest thing I’ve seen all day,” Majors, told her.

Patrick seemed ready to go up against Raines too.

She said “I know what to do when I get by him,”

She did well for about 30 laps but ended up in an all out battle with Michael Annett for position.

After an unspeedy pit stop she placed 32nd.

“That’s what she’s got to do,” crew chief Tony Eury Jr. said afterward.

“It’s a give-and-take out there and the only way she’s going to get respect from other guys is [for them] to know she’s going to retaliate and she’s not going to take it.

“She did the right thing. She got her point across. She’ll have to do more of it.”

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