It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. It turns out that the real Irish curse may still be stalking footballer Thierry Henry.

This week the handball cheat who stole Ireland's world cup dream has been fined $2,000 by Major League Soccer for a kick last week that injured Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman.

Following a goal by his Red Bulls teammate Mehdi Ballouchy in Thursday’s 2-2 tie, Henry kicked the ball toward the net. But the ball struck Hartman on the right knee, injuring his medial collateral ligament.

Major League Soccer’s disciplinary committee said on Monday the actions by the former Arsenal captain were unsportsmanlike (well, it wouldn't be the first time). Henry apologized to Hartman and called it 'one of those stupid things.'

That's rich, eh? Odd how 'those things' keep happening around him.a