There's bound to be a row in the Notre Dame camp as it has been revealed that Fighting Irish quarterback Dayne Crist is still a Weis man.

Crist says he owes his game to the former head coach Charlie Weis, now the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.
“Coach Weis is incredibly instrumental in my development,” he said. “We're still very close. We talk. He checks up on me. I think everything I learned from him is valuable. It's just moving on to a new scheme.”
New coach Brian Kelly says he's not fooled by knowledge.
"It's still different. When you get out there and that ball comes in your hands, how you react. Does it come out on time? Are you seeing it clearly? It's hard to tell," says Kelly.
“(The) knowledge base is pretty good, but I'm not fooled by knowledge. It's action and the ability to make plays (that) is what I'm all about.”
Crist has a good rep at the South Bend but he might need to watch his game with Kelly.
“I think the first thing, you see (in Crist) an engaging young man - bright-eyed, enthusiastic,” Kelly says.
“He's got all those intangibles that immediately people would gravitate toward.
“But it takes more than that to be a championship quarterback. You've got to be able to produce on the field. You've got to be able to get your players around you to, obviously, make plays. So he's got a lot of work to do. It's a proving ground for him.”
“For me it's hard to really determine who that guy is until I see the pace and ease that they move into this offense,” Kelly says.
“It's just about fit. Some guys fit better and easier in the system. Others it takes a little bit more work.”