Celtic beat Aberdeen 3 – 0 in the Scottish Premier League today.

The team won decisively, beating Aberdeen, who were down to 10 men late in the game’s second half because defender Jerel Ifil earned himself a red card. The match leaves Celtic now at the top of the Scottish premier league, with Rangers close behind.

Greece international Georgios Samaras scored two of Celtic’s goals.

Scott McDonald scored the first goal 39 minutes in, and seven minutes into the second half, Samaras headed the ball into Aberdeen’s goal at close range.

Aberdeen’s defender Jerel Ifil was sent off in the 55th minute, when the stand-side assistant referee saw him kick Samaras in the thigh. This was Aberdeen’s fifth red card in five matches, and it left the team at a disadvantage in the games’ last moments.

After one attempt from 20 yards, which Aberdeen goalie Jamie Langfield stopped with a brilliant save, Samaras doubled his tally, scoring again in the 76th minute.

Celtic held onto their lead, with other players like midfielder Niall McGinn missing the Aberdeen goal towards the end of the match.