Believe me now, all you Brian Kelly bashers.

If Notre Dame has not been pursuing Brian Kelly, they ought to fire athletic director Jack Swarbrick after UC's amazing win over Pittsburgh. Luckily for Swarbrick, that is not the case. Kelly proved what I have been saying since Weis lost to USC – that he is the man for the Fighting Irish job, and I believe Swarbrick began pursuing him after USC. I believe he will get his man.

The contrast was there for everyone to see in the last-gasp win over Pittsburgh. Weis' team would have come close, but no cigar. Kelly just found a way to win with an incredible comeback.

Replay that game 100 times, and Pitt probably wins 99 of them. But it is the one win by miracle-worker Kelly that everyone will remember.

ABC reported that Kelly will “entertain” talks with Notre Dame during their telecast of the Pitt game. Later, some UC players stated that Kelly had told them during the week that he was not going to South Bend.

Take ABC and the point spread, I say. I've stuck my neck out and stated first that I believe from my sources that Kelly will be the next coach of Notre Dame. I still believe that.

Kelly's second Big East title makes him coach of the year in college football in my opinion. He has done an incredible job with relatively few resources at Cincinnati.

Give him Notre Dame and he will produce a national championship within two years. As I have been saying all along. this guy is better than Lou Holtz. Yesterday, he proved it.