Brian Kelly has insisted that the Notre Dame football team is focusing on football. However, thoughts of the tragic death of Declan Sullivan are never far away.

Kelly said that it had been “a tough 10 days” but he insisted that the team would pull through. He said “The practice field, for us, has really been a safe haven, if you will, in the sense that we can go out and practice and focus on football.”

On Thursday, Armando Allen’s hip surgery officially finished his career with Notre Dame. He is still awaiting surgery on his other hip.

“There were a lot of things that showed that maybe this was an injury he has had for many, many, many years," said Kelly.

The rumors that Dayne Crist might be transferring after a second season-ending has been called preposterous. Kelly said “All I know for sure is that he'll be back and then, just like everybody else on this football team, will be evaluated day to day as to how we can put the best 22 guys on the field."

On Thursday, Brian Kelly had no answers for his team or the press on the investigation in to the accident, involving an overturned scissors lift during practice, which killed Declan Sullivan. It has been confirmed that there will be a continued non-use of scissors lifts during practice.

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick told USA Today that he has "been at practice where a coach has brought (the lifts) down" in inclement conditions. Kelly avoided referring to whether or not the coaches are responsible.

Kelly said “Everybody uses common sense…I remember many, many times in my career telling a guy to get the heck down because there was lightning in the area.

"I think I moved a water cooler, one of those ice-cold water things, I moved two of those today that were too close to the playing field. Everybody is cognizant of safety."