The worst car ever made was an Edsel. The worst decision Notre Dame could make would be to hire Connecticut coach Randy Edsall.

Edsall's name has surfaced in recent days as pundits frantically search for an alternative to Brian Kelly, just voted the best coach in college football for the second year in a row.

Edsall would be the worst pick of all, however. When the Edsel failed it was called "the wrong car at the wrong time."

Edsall is the wrong coach.  

He has little college football experience, and while he has done an impressive job with Connecticut, the step up to Notre Dame is way too big, way, way too soon. Maybe in a few years.

Sure, Edsall defeated Notre Dame this year, but it was one of the worst games that Charlie Weis ever coached for the Fighting Irish, and that is really saying something.

Edsall is currently in Birmingham. Alabama, where he is coaching his team in the Papa Johns Bowl against South Carolina.

That's where he belongs at present, not at the most-famous college in football.

Kelly is the Cadillac of coaches, Randy Edsall is the Edsel. Let's hope Notre Dame knows the difference.