Tom Brady has admitted the only place he can rival Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the playing field. "I'm not getting into a math contest, thank God," Brady said.

Fitzpatrick was named as a the Buffalo Bills starting quarterback for their game against the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

In the upcoming issue of Sporting News Fitzpatrick was ranked fifth on its list of smartest athletes in the world, he was the highest from football. Fitzpatrick has an economics degree from Harvard and scored an impressive 1580 on his SAT.

Talking about a brainpower challenge against Fitzpatrick, Brady said he wouldn’t be able to compete "I don't have much of a chance, believe me, I passed Michigan on a general studies degree, so ... You know; he's one of those Harvard kids. We've had a few of those around here, but I wouldn't compete with that."

The Bills may have the smartest NFL quarterback but the team will need more than brainpower to win this weekend’s challenge against the Patriots.