Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has launched a foul mouthed tirade against former captain Roy Keane as their Euro 2012 row continues.

The Irish boss claimed “He’s won f**k all” when asked about Keane’s latest criticism ahead of the final Euro 2012 match against his native Italy.

Keane had demanded wholesale changes from the Italian ahead of the match in Poznan when Ireland will play for nothing but pride.

The Manchester United legend was also critical of the Irish players for their poor performances in Poland and even criticised the fans for enjoying the tournament despite Ireland’s woeful results against Croatia and Spain.

Trapattoni took exception to Keane’s criticism at his eve of match press conference in Poznan on Sunday night – when he swore in his mother tongue as he dismissed Keane’s coaching career in response to a question from an Italian journalist.

Trap told the Italian reporter in his native tongue: “He’s won f*** all.”

He had originally told the press: “I have already said he has been a great player and achieved great success.

“I do not know if he has achieved the same results as a coach or manager, I can ask him why? Why?
“For such an intelligent man I don’t understand.”

The Irish Sun reports that Trapattoni then turned away from the microphone and sniped in Italian: “He’s won f*** all.”

As a manager, Trapattoni has won 22 major trophies in four different countries. Keane has only won promotion with Sunderland and has also managed Ipswich.

In reply to Trapattoni’s remarks, ITV pundit Keane said: “I’m surprised. I think the reaction, as usual, is over the top. I actually never criticised the manager.

“I said the players need to change their mentality and the supporters so for the manager to come out and have a dig at me, I understand he’s going to defend his players.

“But to come out with all that nonsense about what have I done as a manger, listen, I think I’ve done okay at Sunderland, okay it didn’t work out at Ipswich, I’m still quite young, hopefully there’s a chance I’ll get back into management.

“Just because he’s had major success doesn’t mean to say he shouldn’t be criticised. If Brian Kerr or Steve Staunton was manager of Ireland and they put on that performance they’d be heavily criticised.

“For some reason Trapattoni doesn’t feel he needs to be criticised. And the strange thing is I never actually did criticise him. He needs to get his facts right really.

“The players should have done better and it’s time to give some of the younger fellas a chance.”

Trapattoni has in fact made just one change to the Irish team for the game against Italy with Kevin Doyle restored to the starting line-up at the expense of Simon Cox.

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