Nestled in the heart of Georgian Dublin is a rare find, a beauty salon that is as much about aesthetics as it is about aromatherapy and relaxing, pampering bliss.

Located between just off Dublin's Fitzwilliam Square, Akrona Aesthetics is homed in one of the city's grand Georgian houses, however, when you enter the inner sanctum of the clinic you are cocooned in spa-like relaxation and serenity. 

The beauty clinic opened its door officially in early 2020 with Karen Pryal at its helm. Pryal, a well-known CEO and lead product formulator at Akrona has been setting the gold-standard in clinical experience since 2007. She brings her great wealth of knowledge to Akrona, from technology down to essential oils and organic healing tips. 

In fact, when I was lucky enough to visit Akrona, just days before their launch, I had a one-off experience that will not easily be forgotten, a No Needle Mesotherapy with LED Light Treatment. Having tried micro-needling in the past being offered mesotherapy I thought I know what lay in store. I was happily wrong. 

Find Akrona, off Fitzwilliam Square, in Dublin.

Find Akrona, off Fitzwilliam Square, in Dublin.

Using state-of-the-art Korean technology Akrona's mesotherapy involved no invasive puncturing of the skin, but instead uses a non-needle high frequency to penetrate the skin. As they so perfectly put it themselves Akrona has invested in "scientifically based natural methods and solutions."

They also use deep-working serums, which Pyral explained she makes herself. In fact, she had only recently returned from Paris where she purchases the essential oils she was using. From rosehip to lavender, the calming treatment was experienced all from underneath a heated blanket.

The after-effects were wonderful. As good as many far more invasive facials I've had, which have been far more traumatic. What added to the experience was Pryal's willingness to share her knowledge and give her opinion on my skin's condition. 

Their non-invasive high-tech treatments using wonderful organic natural products has certainly found a hole in the market. 

As they put it, "a growing number of women and men are seeking a natural alternative to botox, injectables, and fillers for a more natural look which can produce a vibrant, youthful appearance for your skin whilst being better for your skin and well being long term."

Aside from the no-needle mesotherapy the clinic also offers teeth whitening, a vitamin infusion facial, micro-dermabrasion, a panchakarma detox, azelaic skin peel, a microcurrent facelift, fruit enzyme peel, skin peels, ayurvedic massage, and more. 

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