You may now live in the U.S, but if you are reading this, chances are you are Irish.

As much as we all enjoy and are grateful for our existence here, here are a few things that separate us from your average America.
 1. You can shoot the breeze with anyone about anything, but weather is always going to be a topic.
2. You automatically go to the bar and get a round of drinks in, despite some people never reciprocating.
3. In the summer you get an ‘Irish tan,’ you still look pale to everyone, apart from your Irish friends who admire your great color.
You don’t count it is as driving unless there is a gearbox involved.
5. You don’t see the point in splitting a bill, when you have all eaten the same thing.
6. No matter where you go, chances are you will meet someone who knows someone you know.
7. You refer to your vacation time as your ‘holidays’.
8. Mosquitoes love your blood, and leave you looking like a leper.
9. It seems perfectly normal to use Taytos (chips) as a sandwich filling.
10. You don’t consider it tea unless there is a teapot, milk and sugar involved.
11. You wait until you are in crippling pain or discomfort before going to see a healthcare professional.
It’s unacceptable for gifts from Ireland not to include Cadbury’s chocolate and Lyons or Barry’s tea bags.
13. You bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, out of habit.
When you were growing up in Ireland, divorce was something that only happened on TV.
15. When you go home to Ireland, the locals refer to you as ‘The Yank’.
16. The first questions a stranger usually ask you when they hear you’re from Ireland is “Where are you from and how long have you been here?”.

17. You don’t excited by March madness or the playoffs, but you will get up at 8am on a Sunday to go to a bar and pay $20 to watch the GAA.
What separates you as an Irish person living in the U.S?