The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new voice introduced every Monday morning. As the Ireland of today is not confined to the island of Ireland, the varied voices of @Ireland come from Ireland and across the world.

Started in March 2012 and inspired by the @Sweden project, @Ireland is based around the idea that a single voice cannot represent a country. By sharing people's experiences and lives with the world, project custodians WorldIrish believe @Ireland can help to further connect Ireland to the world and the world to Ireland through the different voices that curate the account each week.

People can apply to be the voice of @Ireland for a week or can nominate a person they believe could represent Ireland. To apply or nominate someone email: If you are applying to curate @Ireland yourself please include the following in your email: your own Twitter account handle (username), your phone number and times/days that are convenient to contact you, a one-paragraph biog telling us about yourself and a 140-character description of why you would make a good @Ireland curator!

Read more: The rules of being a curator of the @Ireland Twitter account