It is  the eternal question that weighs like a millstone around most men's necks the world over. Finally here are the answers you have been waiting for.

The ladies of have put our shamrock embossed thinking caps on and come up a few pointers on how to woo that potential Irish lady friend. These essential qualities are sure to impress most woman but guaranteed to win over an Irish woman.

Property and pride in property

They say every Princess should have her palace the same way every Irish lady should have her few acres. The Irish are mad for the bit of land. Translation: we are obsessed with real estate. And yes before you mention it, this obsession had landed us in the deepest recession this side of AD. However we do appreciate a grand bit of property or at least the aspiration to own your own someday.

Plus if you are lucky enough to have an Irish lady back in your humble surroundings please ensure you have made some attempts to spruce up the place. We are not asking for your place to resemble a Pottery Barn catalogue just a lick of paint here and a few subtle additions around the place. Make your space a home. You’re a grown man for God's sake, dorm rooms are for college days. Sophisticated surroundings will always win that Irish lady over.


You’re a man right? So please proceed to act like one and not resemble your teenage alter ego that still rears his zitty head from time to time. You need to be able to hold down that job and look after yourself, how on earth are you going to look after an Irish woman if you cannot buy toilet roll? No men still seeking hand-outs from Mammy or Daddy need apply. If you still cannot stand on your own two feet then don’t expect to whisk an Irish lady off hers.


At the risk of sounding superficial here, style is important. No Irish woman wants to date a man who is still dressed by his Mammy. We are reasonable and don't require you to be dressed in Armani from head to toe or sporting the latest catwalk sensation from Hugo Boss. No, all we want is some well fitting clothes that don't resemble your First Holy Communion outfit.

Style is not just about the clothes on your back. It's also about how you carry yourself and interact with those around you. Know when to shut up. Most Irish men are about as smooth as the bumpy roads they come from so here is a chance to show an Irish lady your charisma and charm.


Coming from an Irish woman, we love to talk. A nation famous for our banter there is no better way to win an Irish woman's heart than an ability for chit chat. I know it may seem pretty basic but it's important to be able to hold a good conversation with someone.

Don’t fall into the death trap of blabbering on about yourself either. Communication is a two way road and yes we are both on it. Your ability for banter should extend to your favorite Irish woman’s friends and family also. You need to be able to interact in such situations. You're a big boy now...get the thumb out of your mouth and spark a conversation fit for any Irish woman's ears.

NOTE: Charm and charisma can be applied here too.


Whisk a lady off her feet in whatever way you see fit. It's doesn't have to be an ostentatious gesture. You can keep it simple. Irish woman love romance. Take her dancing; take her out to dinner; long walks on the beach. Kiss her for no reason. Treat her like the lady that she is. It doesn’t need to be a huge public display of affection, just let her know you are in tune with your emotions and not afraid to show her. A bunch of flowers here and a dinner date there, throw in the occasional gift and you’re on a winner streak.


No one likes a wimp. Especially an Irish woman. In all fairness Irish men have a lot going for themselves in this department. We like men who can hold their own. You don’t need to be pumping iron at the gym seven nights a week or building garden sheds on your day off. No just simply be at one with your masculine side. Irish woman are an independent bunch, but we are still human beings who need a man where if duty calls, can hunt and gather like our ancestors.

Sense of adventure

Of course the adventurous streak is not just about getting on a plane. It's about a desire to try new things, eat new food, take up new hobbies. Irish woman will pull you out of that comfort zone and throw you on that raging bull and by God you better be ready, willing and able.

Wit and humility

Irish women love to laugh, and there is nothing better than a man who knows how to crack a joke. Don't despair we are not looking for the next Conan O'Brien, but merely a sense of humor will suffice. Humor is important. Laughter is a great foundation for any relationship. But you must have the ability to laugh at yourself as well. We are quite a laid back, sassy league of ladies. So the more you make her laugh, the more you win her over.

So there you have it. Simple and concise, the above pointers are a sure way to find the key to your favorite Irish woman's heart.

So what are you waiting for?