Irish-American dancers have taken Kerry by storm in the All-Ireland Dance championships, which are taking place this week.

The youngest girls seem especially twinkle-toed. In the Girls 12-13 competition, five of the top 10 dancers are from the US. Schools whose dancers are swiping the prizes include Rince Na Tiarna, the Hagen School of Irish Dance, the Pender-Keady Academy, and the Gray Gillan Owens School.

The Broesler School and the Petri School are faring well too.

Fiona Dargan, a star dancer from Rince Na Tiarna in New Jersey, came first in the Girls 12-13. Dargan already has a glittering array of awards to her name – Oireachtas Rince na h'Eireann (the All Ireland), Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne (the World Championship), and the North American Dance Championship. She is clearly holding on tight to her winning streak.

In the Girls' 11-12 another Rince Na Tiarna student, Sydney Foley-Klyczek, came out tops.

The contests have been running all week in Killarney, Kerry, and this weekend marks their conclusion. Dancers and their families have taken over the INEC center in Killarney, a vast entertainment venue where singers like Morrisey have held concerts, and where the famous dance ensemble Riverdance has performed in the past.

And it looks like a new generation of Riverdance stars is on its way. Well done, US dancers!