Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish Times launched a Twitter hashtag competition that asked tweeters to complete the sentence “being Irish means...”

Below, here are some of our favorite ones that the Irish Times collected, as well as the winning tweet at the bottom!

1. #beingirishmeans going to Mass just to check out the talent – Charlotte Ryan

2. #beingirishmeans emigrating and suddenly developing an overblown grá for Guinness, hurling, the Irish language, U2 and Catholicism – David Mahon

3. #beingirishmeans knowing Father Ted off by heart – Lorna McGinley

#beingirishmeans You can say “Any craic?” to a policeman and you won’t get arrested – Niamh Manning

5. #beingirishmeans enjoying a traditional Irish breakfast at any time of the day or night – Caroline Egan

6. #beingirishmeans getting travel directions that consist of pub names, churches and roundabouts – Beano

7. #beingirishmeans that if Penneys ever closed, half the country would be naked – Gareth McGregor

8. #beingirishmeans Great pride in our Nobel prize winning authors, but never reading their works – mell61

9. #BeingIrishMeans It’s Paddy’s Day. Not Patty’s Day – Hugh Curran

And the Irish Times’ winner for best #beingirishmeans is...

10. #beingirishmeans emigrating because the country’s in tatters, and telling the world how much you miss it - Julia Cashman

Do you agree with the Tweeters? What does being Irish mean to you?


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