1.Sarah Palin – she keeps the media on edge wondering what she is going to do next—keeps it all very interesting, now that it looks like she will likely run for president. What a story.

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2.Colin Farrell now that he is single again sure to give hacks like us lots of headlines in the weeks and months ahead.

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3.Liam Neeson; Good for the media as well as hardly a week goes by that we don’t see a new movie from him. Certainly a man much in demand.  He’s even in "Hangover".

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4.Bill Clinton; For reminding us what a great politician can look like and his continued interest in peace in Ireland which he expressed during his attest visit to Northern Ireland. He’s in Hangover 2 as well.

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5. Brian Cowen, because we could cry but we’ll laugh instead. He has ensured Ireland stays in the world headlines all year by his incompetent management of the economic crisis—what crisis?

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6.Susan Boyle, for continuing to defy the odds and the toffee nosed media who wrote her off as a one hit wonder. She’s currently number one on both sides of the Atlantic. She’s a keeper.

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7.Rex Ryan, the big, bluff New York Jets coach has put the fun back into football and his bragging and big mouth have made for a great story.

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8. Lady Gaga, did her bit for the Irish economy when she named Jameson as her favorite drink of all time, Sales have shot up since.

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9. Bono. His back injury was one of the great stories of the year mainly because of the happy ending.Long may he endure.

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10.-Joint Winner : Michael Flatley, his comeback to dancing at age fifty plus an amazing achievement and will generate lots of stories too. Always great copy.

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10. Joint Winner: Mary McAleese. Ireland’s president head and shoulders over all other politicians over there. She will be missed when she steps down in 2011.

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