Our column yesterday on ‘Top ten reasons why some Irish Americans have no real clue about Ireland’ caused quite a stir among our Irish Central readers.

In response, we asked Americans  to put together a list of common stereotypes that the Irish have about America.

Here are some of the responses:

1. Drop the fake American accents after a few weeks here -- spare us.

2. No, we don’t have a false social security number or illegal job for you -- or your son or daughter back in Ireland.

3. Sorry but ...Abercrombie and Fitch---- is so over for Americans.

We don’t all shop in stores that the Irish can’t seem to get enough of, like Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch. Most Americans stopped shopping in those over-priced stores after their adolescence.

4. “Ya I know America well, I go to New York every year shopping”

New York attracts millions of tourists every year and if you are from Ireland, you may be one of them. However, if you think you are sampling a true snapshot of American life and culture by just visiting New York, you are wrong. There are 50 states in the US.

5.  We don’t all watch Jerry Springer, fact is the vast majority of us have never sat through a whole show.
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6. No, we don’t know your cousin who went to Boston or Chicago -- thankfully, as they’d probably want to stay with us.

7. Shut up already about rugby. We could give a damn about your rugby team playing the English game with four or five other countries. Nobody here knows their names.

8. .Also glad you’ve shut up about the Celtic Tiger,  Celtic Tiger/ Things are much better/ Irish real estate is a great investment / Bad old days are gone forever--- Hello!

9. Please stop about The Great European Union  you rattle on about -- boring, falling apart, and broke.

10. No you can’t drive from New York to Arizona in a day - look at a map -- we’re a continent.