The number of divorced and separated women in the US is on the rise, according to a recent report by Bowling Green State University's National Center for Marriage and Family Research.

With this in mind I conducted a survey of about 30 people in the Irish community who are divorced.

Their rationale for filing divorce proceedings may not pass the scientific test. but to me it rings true. Remember women seek the divorce two-thirds of the time, so listen up guys!

1. Too much of a mammy’s boy, wanted to go home and be spoilt too much.

2. A few drinks turned into a night out followed by another and another.

3. Roving eye, Irish accent a big turn on for American women.

4. No emotional depth, refusal to go to counseling as it’s seen as unmanly.

5. Chauvinist; expected everything done for him, no help around the house.


1.  Dropped all interest in his friends, pursuits they once did together once they were married.

2.  Kids took over everything, more important than him.

3.   Emotionally overwhelming, too many in depth “relationship” discussions about same thing.

4.  Sex life became boring, predictable.

5.  Wife lost interest in her looks, enjoying special nights out.

* Originally published in 2013.