Have you always wanted to talk like an Irish person, but weren’t sure how to pull it off?

Use these handy tips for a night out to blend in with the local lingo. Whether you’re on vacation in Ireland, or just down your local Irish bar, these choice phrases taken from the Irish Conversation Guide will give you the gift of the gab.

1.    Popular greetings for when you meet your friends

How’s the craic?
How’s the form?
How’re ya keepin’?
How’re ye lads?

2.    Greetings for when you are about to eat

I’m starved with the hunger.
I’d eat the back door buttered.
It is going down well?

I'm so hungry I'd eat a nun's backside through a convent gate.

3.   Compliments for the food

That meal was very tasty!

The lickings of the pan is all that's left, Mam

4.    Some conversation starters for the bar

You’re not a local, I take it?
Where ya from at all?
You’re new around these parts?

5.   Some chat up lines for the bar

You’re looking well.
You’ve a lovely pair of eyes.
You’ve great teeth, are they your own?

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6.   Buying someone a drink

What are you having?
Will ya have a pint?
Will ya have a hot half one (a hot whiskey)?

7.    When someone tries to go home early.

Take it easy, what’s your rush?
Sit yourself down, take the weight of your feet.

8.   Inviting someone on a date

Would you fancy a quick one (a drink) some other time?
Are ya on for a pint?
A few pints wouldn’t go astray at all?
Will we go for a few scoop?

9.   Bidding someone farewell for the night

Is that the time? I’ll be seeing you.
I’ll be heading off now, but sure I’ll bump into you again some time!
Twas nice talking to ya, good luck and God bless!

10.   Explaining your hangover the next morning.

I’m in a heap!
I’m in an awful way.
I’m as sick as a small hospital.
I'm as stiff as a poker.

For a humorous insight into how to speak like the Irish, check out Tadhg Hayes' book Gift of the Gab.

* Originally published in 2013.