Have you ever found yourself confused by food menus in Ireland?

Throughout the centuries we have developed some rare and delectable recipes, where few things go to waste.  To find out more about some odd Irish cuisine, read on.

1. Fraughans

A variety of wild blueberry used in desserts and for flavoring poitín.

2. Kassler

Prime cuts of pork loin, lightly brined and smoked.

3. Kipper

To ‘kipper’ a herring is to split it, bone it, lightly salt it, then smoke it. Usually eaten at breakfast.

4. Mead

An alcoholic drink made from fermented honey

5. Poitín

Homemade distilled spirit, a practice which is illegal in Ireland. Made from a brew consisting mainly of barley, it has a distinctively dry and grainy flavor with a delicate aftertaste that becomes sweeter as it develops.

6. Porter Cake

A fruitcake in which the liquid used is a Porter (a light variety of stout).

7. Rowan berries

The berries of a rowan tree, also known as the mountain ash.

8. Sloes

The fruit of the blackthorn tree which are suitable for preserves.

9. Soda Farl

A flat white soda bread, shaped into a round, cut into triangular quarters and baked on a griddle; farl is an old word for quarter.

10. Yall Man

Honeycombed toffee, a specialty of Ballycastle, County Antrim.

Have you tried any of these? What were your thoughts?

SOURCE: Biddy White Lennon (www.discoverireland.com)

* Originally published in 2013.