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Irish are known worldwide as dreamers, indeed a famous poem begins ‘We are the Music Makers,and We are the dreamers of Dreams.” 
But what are the top ten Irish dreams, and what do we make of them -- including the nightmares?
The Celts as always had an answer:
1. Dream of an argument with a  family member; Can mean a family secret that you need to tease out and explore with that person.
2. Dream of water; Concern about an upcoming journey or fear of drowning , a common nightmare as many Irish cannot swim.
3. Dream of  a new love; May signify unhappiness in a relationship and  a hidden desire to move on.
4. Dream of clouds; maybe a fear of something  you are covering up or a depression you are feeling.
5. Dream of money; almost always about financial insecurity, especially if often repeated. A sign to try and make things better.
6.Dream of wild animals; Something dark and primitive in your soul, some secret desire deeply buried trying to get out.
7. Dream of death; Health anxiety about you or a loved one, especially if you are falling in the dream.
8. Dream where you see yourself; Can signify a serious mental problem, we are not supposed to see ourselves in dreams.
9. Dream of a dead person; Someone trying to reach you beyond the divide, listen carefully and try and remember the message.
10. Dream of you naked or missing a clothing item ; You do not feel competent in an important part of your life, work, love or home. Work on it.