Irish Times asked its twitter followers to vote.

Here are the results: 

1 @emmagination our turns of phrase – “get up the yard” “get out of that garden” “down there for dancin’”

2 @dcbedwards knowing all your cousins 4 times removed and being shamed by your mother for not knowing all their kids too

3 @SeanMcP West Cork, the sunset through the namhog bus stop at Dingle Harbour, Lough Allan flat beneath a pure blue sky

4 @mrmonty Munster Finals

5 @ChristinaMcS The ritual “no thanks I’m grand I’m only after a cup” followed by “well if you’re having one yourself”

6 @homeopath Everyone’s got a party piece

7 @lightnessalways The book of Kells, Cliff of Moher, Phoenix Pk, Glendalough, National Stud, Japanese Gardens, Shannon, Ceide fields

8 @SimonPRepublic Where you can still watch a Western during prime time Friday night telly

9 @ killianormo Six degrees of separation for the world, two for the Irish!

10 @greenscribbler Community – People will always know and remember you no matter how long you have been away

11 @trixifi Wakes and funerals turning into a party

1 2 @gillianroseduff The Sam Maguire cup being taken around every school in the winning county

13 @AnnieAtkins Irish goodbyes: sneaking out of the pub before anyone coerces you into drinking another pint.

14 @scarie The postman dropping a package for you in your aunt’s work, cos he knows you and your aunt and where ye both work

15 @ChrisFlack your mothers conversations that start with “Do you know who’s dead?”

16 @SlabSquatthrust Keem beach on Achill Island, and the rest of Achill too

17 @idiotkid They can take away our sovereignty but they can never take our red lemonade or sugar sandwiches

18 @inforthenight Curracloe beach, the Aran Islands, Lough Boora parklands, the pier at Dun Laoghaire

19 @thebrieparty The fact that we don’t have to pay for royal weddings

20 @rdelevan The Irish saved civilisation. (Sadly they then invested it in Anglo Irish Bank.)

21 @furlo Looking like quasimodo but still being able to charm the pants off a beautiful foreigner due to the accent

22 @charlemont Having a defence forces instead of an army

23 @bunda Fairytale of new York @ Xmas

24 @eyeblinks The Tart with the Cart, Floozie in the Jacuzzi, Stiletto in the Ghetto, Time in the Slime The Hags with the Bags

25 @foges70 All the ailments that can be treated by putting the kettle on

26 @rubot First country in the world to ban smoking in pubs

27 @poloconghaile Coumshingaun, crisp sandwiches, autumn forest walks and our penchant for tying football socks to holy trees!

28 @quiatimet Irish mammys

39 @SOIreland People going to amazing lengths to help each other. Never ceases to amaze me

30 @irishmarinelife Best surf in the world, and nobody believing you

31 @clairenolan Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny with the Christmas lights out, Irish soda bread, irish chat and Kerry men!!
32 @levdavidovic Fellas with no teeth on Winning Streak

33 @culabula The inability to pronounce “th” and then magically inserting it where it doesn’t exist cf. “heighth”

34 @lecraic Unpronouncable names (for English TV presenters). Take a bow Charles Hockey and Liam GallaGRR

35 @crosbhealai Ár dteanga féin – An Ghaeilge!

36 @collumbo Apres Match, better analysis than BBC or ITV

37 @david_o_connell World class procrastination and still having the ability to change the world

38 @David_Ferrie Having a unique measurement of length – the long mile – and naming a road after it.

39 @mikeeng1and Weddings that finish when the bride and groom head to bed at 6am, sandwiches in the residents bar at 5am

40 @TellyDubby The warmth of a Leitrim welcome; peat smoke in your nose in the twilight

41 @Sliother the unassuming genius of Aidan O’Brien

42 @paulclancyNL Waving hello to complete strangers on country roads

43 @daracho Storytelling, the art-form and craft – not the solemn, dutiful recounting of mere facts

44 @anniewestdotcom Beautiful words fashioned in the misty dawn of the countryside, from celtic gossamer. Like . . . gobshite

45 @obrienbarry At GAA matches the fans of both teams mix and have a laugh together

46 @deatonm No killer spiders, box jellyfish, great white sharks, snakes or other dangerous animals.

47 @gillianroseduff The night when you go for a quiet drink and end up at someone’s party having met their second cousin in the pub

48 @xfirefishx The fact that people 10 miles down the road laugh at your “funny” accent vice versa

49 @louiseholohan never letting the truth get in the way of a good story

50 @colettecaddle Laughing at our misfortunes even when it looks like the boat might be .......... glug