Tis our wit that separates us from the animals. Well, that and our bargaining skills. So when the two traits come together, the results are hilarious.

I've picked my top 20 funny adverts that have been on the DoneDeal website. Have a look and see if I've missed any.

20. Free snow!

19. Remember vuvuzelas?

18. The old e-voting machines.

17. A little piece of Jedward.

16. Holy Jesus toast.

15. Back to the future.

14. Ryan Tubridy's underpants.

13. Granny pimpers.

12. Brendan the Cockroach.

11. You could be the driver of this ve-hicle.

10. Babe mobile.

9. A super car.

8. An ad for an ad.

7. Never mind iPhones.

6. He's well trained.

5. Well this is a good idea.

4. A new best friend.

3. Your own stalker.

2. A bush in Cavan that grows money.

1. Want to skip mass?

*Originally published August 2013.