A straight to DVD movie released this year depicted the fate of "Titanic II". The movie, made by The Asylum, tells the story of a new super ship which repeats the Titanic's route 100 years later only to have a tsunami hurl an iceberg at the ship.

Although at first you might think the movie is a prank it is actually the work of The Asylum. This Los Angeles-based studio makes low-budget, straight-to-DVD, effect heavy movies which are either homages or blatant covers of the movie.

Wired has described their work as "uniformly dreadful films, notable mainly for their stilted dialogue, flimsy-looking sets (which are frequently recycled), and turns by faded stars such as Judd Nelson and C. Thomas Howell ... But in general, the Asylum's films aren't ironic or campy, and they're certainly not parodies. They are actually unnervingly earnest."

They are essentially the kings of the "mockbuster" and have created titles such as "The Terminators", "King of the Lost World", The DaVinci Treasure" and many more.

The movie tells the tale of a gigantic cruise liner which sets sail on its maiden voyage only to have a chunk of iceberg blown into its path by a tsunami. The ship is set on the exact same course and speed as its predecessor. The passengers and crew spend the rest of the movie battling for their lives. The movie stars Bruce Davidson, Brooke Burns and Shane Van Dyke.

Not surprisingly the worst line in the film comes from the Captain who says "Looks like history is repeating itself".

It is also not surprising the reaction of the public and critic alike has been one of disbelief and also revulsion. One critic asked "Is it not bad enough that one cruise liner sunk?"

The best review available online comes from FilmCritic.com who says "It comes very close to being not an entirely bad movie."

However its very existence makes one wonder how a film such as this, low-budget or not, could get the go head. Especially as this year the MS Balmoral, owned by Olsen Lines, will set sail with paying passengers travelling the same route as the Titanic. Many of those onboard will be descendants of those who died in the original tragedy.

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