Irish Derivation- Spelling variations of the name include O’Tierney, Tyernie, Tiernay, and O’Tierny. 

Name meaning- The name Tierney comes from the Irish word “tighearnaigh” which means “lord.” 
Counties associated with the name- Mayo, Donegal, Westmeath

Coat of arms motto- The motto translates from the Latin “serviendo guberno” to “by serving I govern.” 
Interesting facts Gene Tierney played Lucy Muir in the black and white film, “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” Actress Maura Tierney attended New York University. 
Famous Tierneys
Gene Tierney- American Academy Award nominated stage and film actress
 Maura Tierney- American actress best known for her role on the drama ER
Lawrence Tierney- American actor known for his screen portrayal of mobsters
General Information The name was Anglicized from O’Tighearnaigh to Tierney. Many clan members migrated during the eighteenth century to the United States. Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia in particular was a popular destination among the Tierneys, although they can be found in many northeastern states. Emigration to the United States continued following the Great Hunger in the second half of the nineteenth century and many began a new life in Boston, Massachusetts.

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