SEE PHOTOS - Ireland's tallest buildings

Ireland is home to beautiful edifices spanning thousands of years. Its landscape is dotted with grand castles, towering churches and tall magnificent modern buildings.

We here at IrishCentral take a look at the tallest of these contemporary structures.

1. Obel Tower, Belfast    
85  m (279 feet)
This skyscraper was completed in 2010. It lies on the Donegall Quay on the river Langdon and contains 233 apartments.

2. Windsor House, Belfast    
80 m (262 feet)
Long recognized as the tallest building in Ireland before the completion of the Obel Tower, this high rise was purchased by the building company P Elliot in 2007. This edifice, built in 1975, is in the process of being converted into a high end apartment building.

3. Belfast City  Hospital Tower, Belfast   
74 m (243 feet)
This modern yellow structure houses the largest general hospital in the United Kingdom. It was constructed in 1986.

4. The Elysian, Cork  
71 m (233 feet)
Built in 2008 this mixed residential and commercial property looms large over the Cork skyline and has the distinction of being the tallest building in the Republic of Ireland. The Elysian is the second tallest building in all of Ireland as a spire brings it’s total height to 80 m.

5. County Hall, Cork
67 m (220 feet)
This office block houses the Cork administrative headquarters and is owned by the Cork City council. The County Hall, originally constructed in 1968, has been recently redeveloped as late as 2006 and is listed as a protected building.

6. The Montevetro Building, Dublin   
67 m (220 feet)
Finished in 2010, this edifice was purchased by Google in 2011.

7. Hilton Hotel, Belfast   
63 m (207 feet)
Lying on the bank of the Langan river, this towering hotel was completed in 1998.

8. Millennium Tower, Dublin   
63 m (207 feet)
Put up in 1998, this construction is currently Dublin’s second tallest building behind the Montevetro building.

9. BT Riverside Tower, Belfast
Serving as the headquarters for British Telecom for Northern Ireland this building was completed in 1998.

10. Divis Tower, Belfast

This edifice, named after the nearby Divis mountains, houses 2400 people in 850 flats. The tower, built in 1968, is dubiously known as the place where the first child, 9-year-old Patrick Rooney, was killed in the troubles in 1969.

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