So we've covered the pros and cons of marrying an Irishman, now it’s the woman’s turn.

Love ‘em or hate em a few million of us are married to Irish women so what is we find special and not so special about them?

Here is our top ten list:

Five reasons to marry an Irishwoman

1. They have the wit and wisdom to see the funny side of life and will gladly have a drink and a laugh when the occasion calls for it.

2. Loyal, true and intensely devoted to husband and children - real mama bear stuff - Sarah Palin would not get a look in.

3. Love kids and family, always have a wide circle of friends and family to draw from.

4. Like nothing better than a good gossip about  celebrities, friends and acquaintances , funny stuff usually

5. Take a long term view and work hard to make marriage work and don’t get fazed by the ups and downs of life.

Five reasons not to marry an Irishwoman.

1. Will want to mammy you from the moment they meet you --- get ready to feel like a four-year old at times.

2. House rules and more house rules. Always knows best.

3. Will make the dreadful mistake of wanting you to go shopping with them at least once in their lives.

4. Could not give a fiddler’s flute about who is playing in the Super Bowl/World Series. All Ireland final etc.

5. Think your fashion sense belongs to a caveman no matter how smart and cool you think you look.

* Originally published in Feb 2011.