The Alexandrov Ensemble or 'Red Army Choir' as we know them, are renowned for their fantastic renditions of classic songs. The choir and dance ensemble are the official choir of the Russian armed forces and have been on the go since the 1920s.
They've even sung one of Ireland's most loved tunes 'It's a long way to Tipperary'.

It's a long way to Tipperary was actually written by an Englishman, Jack Judge, in 1912. Max Cryer tells the supposed tale of its origin in his book about some of the world's best-loved songs:
“A bet arose that he [Jack Judge] could not write a song the next day, and sing it on stage that same night ... Judge accepted the challenge, and late that night as he was leaving the pub, he overheard one man giving other directions, which began with 'It's a long way to ..'.

 “The phrase stuck in his mind as he went to bed. And the next morning when he remembered the phrase, although he had never been to Ireland, out of the blue the word 'Tipperary' fell into place, and a classic was on the way.”

- Love Me Tender: The Stories Behind the World's Behind the World's Best-loved Songs

It became one of the most popular songs amongst soldiers in World War I; especially amongst the Connaught Rangers. The song became known the world over, and the Red Army Choir recorded their version for the 1981 film, Das Boot.

Here's the video: