By signing on to be a curator of @Ireland you agree to:

1. Be the sole tweeter of @Ireland for the week that you are assigned.

2. Ensure that IrishCentral will have access to the account at all times during the period of this agreement.

3. Not change the password supplied to you.

4. Safeguard the account from being hacked by a third party.

5. Not change the photo, biography, background or theme of the @Ireland account.

6. Give the account back to IrishCentral at the end of your curation week or, if instructed to by IrishCentral, at an earlier date.

7. Not defame any person, business, product or group.

8. Ensure all tweets sent from the account are original and are not an infringement or violation of copyright or license and that they respect the privacy of another person.

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7. Not use any obscene, abusive or blasphemous language or any other content that violates the rights of any third party.

8. Not actively promote or advertise any business or receive remuneration from a third party to do so.

9. Be mindful of the content you re-tweet.

10. Revoke all access to the @Ireland account after your curation period is complete by removing applications access and account from mobiles, iPad and desktop applications.

11. Sign out and finish up with the @Ireland account by 8 pm (Irish Time) sharp.

12. Not blocking or unfollowing any other twitter users from the account.

IrishCentral, the custodians, reserve the right to delete tweets from the account.

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