I am just about to alienate myself from every person I have ever considered a friend....

1. Post 'cliffhanger' statuses

You're not an episode of Coronation Street. Stop posting things that are completely designed to seek attention!

2. Posting a status wishing their dad a happy Father's Day even though he's not on Facebook

I'm sure he's a lovely man but one else care's how great your Dad is!

3. Wishing friends happy birthday when you've already said it to them in real life!

This on its own proves that if there is a God then you can hardly called his creation of mankind 'intelligent' design.

4. Students posting statuses complaining about having to study

I don't care how long you've been in the library today, nor do I want to know how many coffees you've had. I'm perfectly capable of knowing what the weather's like outside, and if I wanted to hear about what you now know on Greek and Roman Civilisation I would have taken the module!

It's two weeks of work a semester so suck it up!

5. Those children of Satan that invite you to play Candy Crush or Bubble Safari

This is what I'm going to do to you...

6. People who are constantly posting links to stuff they've written

I'll get my coat...

* Originally published in 2014.