Test your Irish IQ for 2011, give yourself two points for every correct answer.
16-20 You’re an Irish whiz
12-16-- You’re not bad at all
8-12 Sure you’re Irish?
Under 8 --- Definitely English

Two famous heads of state visited Ireland in 2011 Can you name them?
1. The Queen and Jacques Chirac
2. Obama and David Cameron
3. Obama and the Queen
4. Queen Latifah and Prince

Can you name the town where Barack Obama traces his heritage to?
1. Moneymore
2. Moneybeg
3. Moneygall
4. Montreal

Ireland has a new president in 2011, can you name him?
1. Enda Kenny
2. Micheal D.Higgins
3. Seamus Heaney
4. Elton John

The new Irish government in Ireland is:
1. Labour Fianna Fail coalition
2. Fine Gael Labour Coalition
3. Fianna Fail Fine Gael coalition
4. Tory and Labor coalition


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Which diocese in Ireland was subject to a damning report on sex abuse?
1. Clones
2. Cloyne
3. Clonmel
4. Clontarf

Irish golfer Rory McIlroy won which US Major?
1. US Open
2. Masters
3. PGA
4. Wimbeldon

Rory McIlroy’s new tennis star girlfriend is:
1. Maria Sharapova
2. Caroline Wozniacki
3. Kim Clijsters
4. Billie Jean King

Irish actor Micheal Fassbender was nominated for a Golden Globe for which film?
1. Shame
2. Shameless
3. Shame on me
4. Sham

Actor Gabriel Byrne announced he was stepping down from which job?
1. Irish cultural ambassador
2. Irish Ambassador to the US
3. Irish Ambassador to UN
4. Irish football manager

Rooney Mara is the grandniece of which famous Irish American?
1. Mickey Rooney
2. Dan Rooney
3. Roone Arledge
4. Rin Tin Tun

****Correct answers: 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2