The 2010 All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships came to an end today at the INEC venue in Killarney, County Kerry, after an exciting and busy week for all involved.

“It has been a fabulous week and the level of dancing has been first class,” the organizers wrote in a message on their website. And the pictures testify to this – the dozens of images posted online show the dancers enjoying themselves, and the organizers look like they're having a good time too.

The US was excellently represented in this year’s Championships. US girls made the top 10 in many groups, and several American boys also took home first prizes. John Mullane-Godley from the Mullane-Healy-O’Brien Academy in Illinois fared spectacularly in the 18-19 competition; Michael Putnam from the Dennehy school topped the 17-18 category; and Drew Lovejoy from the McGing school in Ohio came first in the boys’ 14-15 group.

Sunday, appropriately, was the day of ceilis. The Cashel Dennehy girls from Wisconsin won the under 16 junior group, and Notre Dame St. Mary’s of South Bend from Indiana won the ceili club.

Dancers came to Kerry from Ireland, England, and the US, from Maryland to Massachussetts. Most importantly, though, a wonderful time was had by all – that’s if the smiling faces are anything to go by.