If the world were to end tomorrow, and your life was flashing before your eyes, what quintessentially Irish treats and traditions would you remember most fondly during the final moments of humanity

Below, find a list of a lifetime of Irish memories flashing before this man's eyes:

1. Caffrey's Snowballs

Completely underrated.

Its that time of day for a Caffreys Snowball and a cup of Tea!!

Posted by Caffrey's Irish Chocolates - The Chocolate Warehouse on Déardaoin, 24 Meán Fómhair 2015

2. Dustin and Socky

Ah, they were the best part of growing up. Not to mention, Zig and Zag, Zuppy, Snotser, Ted, Podge, and of course, Damien McCaul's mammy.

3. "Winning Streak"

Don't even try to tell me you haven't become enthralled in an episode of "Winning Streak" at least once in your lifetime!

From Mike Murphy to Marty Whelan, and everyone in between, "Winning Streak" is an institution. It brings in hoards of lunatics from across the country, going nuts in the audience like they're in Croker on All-Ireland final day.

4. Baby calves

They grow up to scare some people, there's no denying that a new-born calf is as cute as a button.

Cute little calf pic.twitter.com/NdZF54cKlt

— Greatest Animals (@GreatestAnimals) September 26, 2015

5. The one-fingered salute

The official wave of Irish motorists

6. Tea

What can be written about tea that hasn't already? A beverage which is not as much a drink as it is a pastime.

7. Sing-songs

From Irish fans singing the "Home and Away" theme tune during Euro 2012 ...

To celebs in Temple Bar.

8. Playing mass as a child

Well, we didn't have the whole get-up of this fella, but I know lots of kids who used to play mass when they were younger. Like holy Joes we'd queue with hands clasped waiting for the 'priest' to hand out a Silvermint for communion.

And sure ye couldn't hunt the same ones into a chapel now says you!

9. Ray Houghton

He put the ball in the England net! And the Italian one.

10. Underage blitzes

Ah yes, the underage blitz. Every GAA player has experienced its majesty.

Never mind playing in Croke Park, pay no heed to senior championships or representing your county, those feats hold nothing to getting presented with a bottle of fizzy drink and a bags of crisps that would have cost 10p at the time.

Some great action from the recent @Craobh_Rua Camlocha Richard Hughes Memorial Underage Hurling Blitz @Armagh_GAA pic.twitter.com/XNWWCaLxNM

— Pat Mc Ginn (@PocFada) September 14, 2015

11. Giving out

Things that have annoyed me today:

The weather, technology, my stomach, weak tea, a very dry chicken curry, my stomach, the fact that I couldn't sleep last night, Twink, the price of stuff in Spar, the cost of Dublin Bus, the fact that Dublin Bus is always late, Google Chrome, the thoughts of having to cook dinner when I go home, needing to shave, running out of olive oil, and did I mention the bad tea?

12. The Sunday Game theme music

Remember those few years when they got rid of it? Dark days, dark days indeed.

13. Willie O'Dea's mustache

It's glorious!

Willie O'Dea's moustache looking majestic in the Limerick Leader this week. Its like a bit of carpet under his nose. pic.twitter.com/Q5tPT2zThf

— Ronandusty (@ronandusty) June 17, 2015

14. Chawwwk Ices

Every time you'd visit your Granny you were offered three things; 7up, Rich Tea biscuits, and a Choc Ice. Sure was there any treat better?

When your choc ice gives you that 'please don't eat me' look. pic.twitter.com/WHmdcnrHGR

— Blonde (@Blondesound) September 24, 2015

15. Dunking chairs

The staple of any country fair, festival or jamboree. If you haven't seen one in action than you haven't lived.

16. The scenery

It's a lovely country all the same.

17. The Michael Collins film

"They may take our lives but they'll never ta"... Oh wait wrong film.

18. Katie Taylor

The shining light of the London 2012 Olympics, and one the greatest Irish sports people in history, Katie captured the hearts of the entire nation, and if the rapture is coming for her, he should be afraid, very afraid.

19. Funny Irish people on the News

Every bit of land we have is covered!

20. Club lottos

Those fecks of tickets are the bane of many GAA players' existence. Every Saturday night, heading into town to walk from pub to pub, trying to sell lottos.

Generally two quid for four numbers, the poor pub-going folk can often be pestered by as many as five or six local clubs on a weekend.

21. Silage Season

I love the smell of silage in the morning.

The most exciting time of the year for many people in the country. It brings with it early mornings, late nights, sandwiches, greasing machinery, accidentally getting stabbed by your uncle with a pitchfork, your mother having 15 people for the dinner, and getting the trailer stuck on the side of a hill, amongst other things.

22. People randomly abusing Pat Kenny

Poor old Pat Kenny gets an awful time of it. Constantly on the receiving end of random heckling and abuse from the crowd. When will it ever end?!

23. Pat Kenny

Ah he's great all the same though.

Pat Kenny circa 1988 should be the next James Bond pic.twitter.com/uhKEUzfUfT

— MustardCreams (@MustardCreams) May 23, 2015

24. Calling in for a chat

We thought it slightly strange when we were younger and your mother was in constant 'Tidy up that mess, you don't know who might be calling over' mode, but now that we have our own place, we can completely sympathize with her.

Sure you never know who might call around for a mug of tea and a chat, at any time of the day or night.

25. Dublin Zoo

The zoo is great!

26. Father Dougal (or any other Fr. Ted character).

The rapture? Sure what's the big deal? They come in, they strip down the wallpaper, they fumigate the place and then they're gone.

27. All-Ireland final day(s)

Mine and many other Irish people's favorite two days of the year.

28. Cully and Sully soup

Just really really good soup.

29. Niall Quinn's disco pants

All together now: "Niall Quinn's disco pants are the best, they go up from his arse to his chest ... Niall Quinn's ... DISCO PANTS!"

30. Building tree houses

A much-loved activity for any Irish child. Some of the offerings were pretty poor, but sure wasn't the whole fun in the building of it. Our tree house still stands today, although I doubt it'd keep in much heat in this weather.

A #treehouse appeals to the kid in us, combine that urge to play with a #vacation pic.twitter.com/ZeJ1mxMHl3 http://t.co/AMuv1dG8bV

— The Wonder Map (@WonderRoute) September 19, 2015

31. Old clips of Glenroe

Good God almighty I really hate that Dick Moran.

32. Crisp sandwiches

Crisp (potato chip) sandwiches, the solution to all of life's problems.

You know what? I fancy a crisp sandwich... pic.twitter.com/5gP0DazK1j

— I❤️80s (@IL0VEthe80s) September 19, 2015

33. Brush dancing

My secret passion for brush dancing has been bubbling under the surface for many years. Finally I've built up the courage to openly admit how much I'm enthralled by it – what a bizarre and fantastic spectacle.

34. Declan Nerney

Ah he's great!

35. The immersion

Picture the scene: The world ends and the Irish are up in heaven having a whale of time, until one person thinks about life back on earth and suddenly realizes "Crap, I left on the immersion!!"

* Originally published September 2013