What is your Irish quotient (IQ)?

Here is your chance to prove you know it all.

Award yourself two points for every correct answer. *It will help when checking your answers if you keep a note of the number beside your answer i.e. whether the answer to question A is 1, 2, or 3.)

Get 34-40: You are an expert!

20-34: So so Irish man or woman

0-20: Sure you’re not English?

A. Who is the current President of Ireland?

  1. Mary Robinson
  2. Mary McAleese
  3. Michael D. Higgins

B. How many provinces are there in Ireland?

  1. Three
  2. Two
  3. Four

C. Who of the following is an Irish citizen?

  1. Daniel Day Lewis
  2. Jeremy Irons
  3. Angela Lansbury

D. Who is the only member of U2 who was raised Catholic?

E. Who founded Trinity College Dublin?

  1. Jonathan Swift
  2. Queen Elizabeth I
  3. Wolfe Tone

F. In Irish history, who was known as the “Big Fella”?

  1. Michael Collins
  2. Eamon de Valera
  3. Padraig Pearse

G. What Irish playwright wrote “Juno and the Paycock”?

  1. Brian Friel
  2. Sean O’Casey
  3. JM Synge

H. What is one of the daughters of Bertie Ahern, the former Irish Prime Minister, famous for?

  1. Being a European figure skater.
  2. Being arrested for possession of crack cocaine.
  3. Being a hugely successful author.

I. Legend has it that St. Patrick drove what from Ireland?

  1. Snakes
  2. Wolves
  3. Wild boar

J. In Ireland, if you were to eat “black pudding” what would you be eating?

  1. A dark chocolate flavored dessert
  2. Congealed pig’s blood sausage
  3. A beef flavored dish

K. In Ireland, what’s a “hot press”?

  1. A type of tool blacksmiths use in making horse shoes
  2. A boiler that is generally used to dry and store clothes
  3. A sexual position especially popular in steam rooms in the Aran Islands.

L. Which of the following terms in Ireland is NOT used to describe being drunk?

  1. Elephants
  2. Three sheets to the wind
  3. Mad eyed

M. Which of the following is the oldest political party in Ireland?

  1. Fianna Fail
  2. Fine Gael
  3. Labour

N. What’s the largest county in Ireland?

  1. Dublin
  2. Donegal
  3. Cork

O. Who was Michael Flatley’s co-star in Riverdance?

P. Barack Obama can trace his Irish roots to County Offaly. What Irish county did Ronald Reagan have family roots?

  1. County Tipperary
  2. County Waterford
  3. County Louth

Q. What’s the second largest city in Ireland?

  1. Limerick
  2. Belfast
  3. Galway

R. What are Uileann Pipes?

  1. A major reservoir in County Cavan
  2. An Irish musical instrument similar to Scottish bagpipes
  3. A small seaside town in County Sligo

S. Where did Yeats famously say he would “arise and go now...?”

  1. To bed
  2. To Ballymore Eustace
  3. To Innisfree

T. What’s the most southern city in Ireland?

  1. Kilkenny
  2. Galway
  3. Cork


A. 3  
B. 3
C. 1
D. Larry Mullen
E. 2
F. 1
G. 2
H. 3
I. 1
J. 2
K. 2
L. 3
M. 3
N. 3
O. Jean Butler
P. 1
Q. 2
R. 2
S. 3
T. 3

*Originally published in 2013.