It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And Christmas means presents! Oh, all right, it means more than presents, but try telling that to anyone you’ve overlooked this year.

If you’re buying for an Irish man, Christmas also means headaches! Because an Irish man think you’re psychic. They expect you to just... know. So how do you respond to vague suggestions that you just buy you’re your Irish guy whatever you feel like?

Do you slap him over the head? Do you fork out for Susan Boyle’s debut album? Or do you have a massive panic attack in the middle of Macy’s Menswear at 8pm on Christmas Eve?

To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, Irishmen are different. They’re very tough reads. They’re unlikely to make a fuss one way or the other. But guess what? They actually do know more than a little bit about style.

As anyone who’s ever compared the clothes on the high streets of the U.S. and Europe knows, European clothes are usually better tailored, better cut, and often much better looking. So beware the last minute buy at the local strip mall – put a little thought into it this year and you won’t have that Macy’s meltdown. To help you out here’s a guide to some luxury gifts for the Irishman in your life that will brighten his Christmas without breaking your bank.

1. The Perfect Boot

Who would write an article in praise of a pair of old boots? A man in love, that who. These are a pair of Grenson’s Boots, made in England but available for purchase here in New York. Shakespeare could have written a sonnet about them, they’re that good.

Here’s what you need to know: they’re top sellers in Ireland and England because they’re probably the finest made, most comfortable to wear pair of boots you’ll ever own.

Remember, the old saying is true, the shoes really do make the man. These look fantastic with almost anything from dress pants to denim. Call in your order soon to have them under the tree by Christmas. Explore Grenson’s website to find a pair in the color you like.

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2. The Perfect Coat

Why do most Irish men wear long winter coats that make them look like a cross between Batman and Sears Tower? Because they don’t know what they’re doing and they need your help! A real winter coat shouldn’t fold around you endlessly like a cape as though you were a lost superhero or a Wall Street banker. A real winter coast should fit. I repeat, it should fit. Take it off if it doesn’t. Here’s an example that will give you some shape.

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3. The Perfect Socks

A good pair of boots or shoes deserves the perfect socks. Just avoid those nylon/polyester blend horrors and buy something luxurious and stylish. These really don’t cost all that much but they’ll make you feel like a million dollars! If this pair looks too busy for your taste, click through the site for other options.

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4. The Perfect Jeans

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect pair of jeans looks like, but a darker shade of denim is always the most versatile when you want to mix and match anything from a t-shirt to a tailored shirt. We recommend this pair for it’s combination of cut, color and wear ability.

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5. The Perfect Jacket

A great jacked is an investment, because you’ll get to wear it out on almost any occasion and you’ll cut a dash without standing out too much. Be careful of fashion that wears you rather than you wearing it. To help you out here’s a classic wool jacket that will turns heads and stay stylish all year around.

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6. The Perfect Scarf

This lightweight wool checked scarf with contrast stitching and frayed hem is understated but dapper. You can wear it with literally anything and know that it’ll keep you warm and stylish.

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7. The Perfect Sweater

This merino wool V-neck sweater guarantees to stylishly update a subdued winter wardrobe. A good quality v-neck is unrivalled and an essential stylish key-piece for any discerning gentleman’s wardrobe and the neat finishing touches of a contrasting color trim inside the neck and fine knit ribbing at the cuffs and hem make this a season must have.

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8. The Perfect Hat

Most men used to wear hats before John F. Kennedy finally killed the trend; his reluctance to wear anything on his head but a cheeky grin is said to have kick-started the hat revolt, with men copying his au natural look in their droves.

But nowadays the hat has been making a slow return to everyday fashion. In cold weather it’s the best way to look sharp whilst keeping out the cold.

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9. The Other Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Every man should have two really well made pairs of jeans for all occasions. For this reason we’ve included this pair by Hackett of London. They’re the right side of casual and classic and they won’t break your bank account.

Click here for the other perfect pair of jeans

10. The Perfect Car

Cars are an expression of your individual style. Anyone who’s ever bolted out of a Skoda before anyone sees you knows that’s true. The image conscious man needs some stylish wheels to get around town and what better way than with this affordable, hybrid car?

Retailing at just $2,500 dollars it’s an ideal combination of price, low environmental impact and overall style. Available to order, it might be a while before they hit New York but soon you’ll see them everywhere.

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