The Irish have a way with words, especially when they mean the opposite of what they say. Here are our top ten little lies examples:

1. “Right, we’ll go for one”  (we’ll just go for one drink – yeah right)

2. “Ya look gorgeous.” (That dress is hideous)

3. “Yes mammy, I just went to mass” (I nipped into the pub but shure the old dear will never guess)

4.” I’m delighted for you” (I am in me backside but I have to say it anyway,)

5. “No I’m grand” ( When you are asked if you want a cup of tea you have to say no at least four times  before saying OK)

6.  “That’s grand altogether” (Even though it is a complete cock-up )

7. “The money was just resting in my account” (From Father Ted but applicable to every scam merchant in the Celtic Collapse of recent years)

8.”I couldn’t care less what he said about me” (But tell me anyway, again and again)

9.” I’ll be there in ten minutes” (about an hour actually)

10. “I was home about 12ish “  (am or pm?)