Everything you need to know about the Irish surname Sweeney - its meaning, origins, interesting facts and famous people with the last name Sweeney.

Irish derivation: Mac Suibhne

Name meaning: "Son of the pleasant one"

Counties associated with the name: Donegal

Coat of arms motto: "Strike for Victory."

Interesting facts:

 - The clan originates in Scotland.

Some famous Sweeneys:

 - Alison Sweeney (1976-, American television actress)

 - Anne Sweeney (1957-, President of Disney-ABC Television Group)

 - Bob KO Sweeney (1894-1961, American boxer)

 - Brian Sweeney (1974-,  professional baseball player)

Here are some interesting facts about the Irish last name Sweeney, including its history, family crest, coat of arms, and famous clan members.