Most Irish men secretly believe that they’re irresistible – but now their status as world-class hunks has been confirmed by an expert in the field.

Former supermodel Victoria Silvstedt, herself no slouch in the looks department, talked about her love of Celtic men at the launch of her lingerie line at Brown-Thomas on Dublin’s Grafton Street.

“They are gorgeous,” purred the towering Swedish catwalker. “They have beautiful blue eyes and lovely dark hair – that’s the typical Irish.”

Silvstedt, who is currently dating Swiss multimillionaire Maurice Dabbah, has fond and lingering memories of her former (unnamed) Irish boyfriend. She also told the Irish Independent that she thinks Colin Farrell is the bee’s knees.

“Of course, Colin is the heartthrob of Hollywood now,” she said.

Just wait until she sets her eyes on Michael Fassbender . . .