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The medical advancements of the past two centuries have been so broad and staggeringly huge that some would say poking fun at the advertisements in a medical journal from, say 1866, would be unfair and borderline churlish. We’d agree, but in the interests of recording medical history for posterity, understanding the health woes of our ancestors, and having a good laugh, we’re going to do it anyway.

We’ve searched through our collection of newspapers from 1710-1955, which contains over 7 million articles from Irish ‘papers. The following adverts are from one publication; the December 19 1866 issue of the Dublin Medical Press.

Good news for invalids and children! Edward’s patent cornucopia feeder can administer liquid food AND medicines, meaning you’ll never again struggle with taking a sip from a glass while lying on your back. The cornucopian feeder is available in plain glass, or in a range of jazzy colors.

Can’t make it to the seaside? Have no fear! Simply fill your bath with Palmer’s Sea Salt and charge yourself too much for ice cream.

We weren’t aware there was a hierarchy of cod liver oil, all we know is we’re never going back to pale brown Norwegian.

More good news for invalids! If you’re incapacitated, you can still get drunk, as long as the wine is extremely delicate. This is a medical journal, remember, so as good as a doctor’s note.

Baron Liebig’s tincture of cauliflower was not as big a seller.

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