Here's a list of the winners at Orlando so far by category. We'll update with a complete list once the competition's over tomorrow

The competition this year was the largest in the history of the North American Irish Dancing Championships, with over 4,000 fans and 12,000 spectators congregating on Orlando, FL to see the action.

Category Winner
Senior Ladies Over 20A Jacqueline Markey (O'Grady Quinlan)
Senior Ladies Over 20B Maggie Darlington (Claddagh Western)
Ladies U20 Frances Dunne (The Academy)
Ladies U19 Nadine Martin (The Academy
Ladies U17A Erinn Brown (McGinely Academy)
Ladies U17B Corinne Galibois (Butler Fearon O'Connor)
Girls U15A Michaela Hinds (Butler Fearon O'Connor)
Girls U15B Sarah Oldam (Peter Smith)
Girls U15B Sarah Oldam (Peter Smith)
Girls U13A Fiona Dargan (Rionca Na Tiarna)
Girls Under 13B Libby Decker (Tir Conaill)
Girls Under 10A Ave Marie Schroeder (Mattierin)
Girls Under 10B Niamh Neale (Doherty)
Men Over 20 Daithi Fisher (Doherty)
Men Under 20 Michael Holland (Richard Timm Academy)
Men Under 18 Peter Ryan (Smith Houlihan Academy)
Men Under 17 Lorcan Balfe (Butler O'Connor)
Boys Under 16 Joe Bitter (Carey)
boys Under 15 Drew Lovejoy (McGing)
Boys Under 14 Macauley Selwood (The Academy)
Boys U13 Nathan Dale (Mullane Healey O'Brien)
Boys Under 12 Owen Luebbers (Broesler)
Boys Under 11 John Whitehurst (Carey West)
Boys Under 10 Patrick Mello (Harney)
Boys Under 9 Adam McGhee (Coleman)
Boys Under 8 Collin Mountain (Richard Timms)
Girls Under 8 Bridget Albrades
Girls Under 9B Farran Dougherty
Girls Under 9A Emily Marino
Girls Under 11A Julia O’Rourke
Girls Under 14A Ellen Kennedy O’Connor
Girls Under 14B Ann Paigi Tuilli
Girls Under 16 Sinead Carson