A post on Reddit Ireland was forwarded to our news desk with the heading “This won the Internet today.” How could we resist.

The poster asked for people’s “favorite Irish phrases/sayings.” They added that they wanted, “phrases/exclamations/in-jokes that we generally throw around in everyday conversation and contribute to us being known for our turn of phrase and originality.”

The result was brilliant.

We chose some of the more sanitary phrases and translated them as best we could below.


- "Your man" / "Your one"

Described as “very useful phrases” for pointing out somebody in particular, they really are multi-purpose.

e.g.: “Did you see your one last night? The state of her!”

“Your man there, the lad at the end of the bar!”

- “Ah would ya ask me arse!”

Politely translated this means there’s no way I’m doing what you’re asking or paying attention to what you’re trying to tell me. Thank you.

 - “Be grand”

That’d be fine.

e.g.: Do you want a cuppa? “Be grand, thanks.”

Also a valid response to allay any minor worries which can be dealt with later:

“What if we can’t get a taxi home tonight?”

“Be grand.”

- Ending a phone call with “Yeah no bother, right gowan I'll talk to ye later, soundsoundsoundsou, goodluck."

- “Now we're suckin' diesel!”

Meaning everything’s going well now.

- “Get up the yard with that now!”

Meaning don’t be silly. You’re being so ridiculous you must be pulling a prank on me.

 - “Well?”

This greeting is also multi-purpose, it can mean “Hello” or “How are you?” or “What’s going on?”

- “Mere to me”

Come over here or listen to me.

- “He's a little pup!”

He’s a cheeky individual but likeable.

- “I’d eat the hind leg of the lamb of god”

I’m really hungry.

- The following all mean the same thing “Oh bother”:-

ah now
ah here
ah here now
ah for fecks sake
ah here for fecks sake
ah yeh
ah gwan
ah boys
ah lads
ah cmon will ya

- “Made a holy show of herself/himself”

He / She embarrassed herself greatly, most likely in public.

- “Stall it over”

A Dublinese phrase meaning come here

- “Stop the lights!”

Are you serious? Or it can also mean please stop pulling my leg.

- “As handy as a small pot”

Generally used when referring to someone who is useful, especially around the house.

Source: Reddit Ireland