One of America’s largest Irish families the ‘McCormicks’ are being invited home to Ireland for a Clan Gathering in August 2013.

The McCormick Clan Gathering will take place in Ireland from the 9th – 11th of August in the historic town of Kildare.

With over 110,000 McCormicks now living in the United States, the McCormick Clan will celebrate the enormous contribution McCormicks have made to American society.

“The McCormick’s are Irelands oldest Clan and can claim ancestry from several Irish high-kings, most notably Cú Chorb mac Moga Chorb, who ruled Ireland in 50 AD.”

Amongst those who will be commemorated at the McCormick Clan Gathering will be Irish Americans such as Cyrus McCormick who invented the first harvesting machine, the publishing giant Robert McCormick, and US Naval Commander-in-Chief Lynde McCormick, all who excelled during their lifetimes in the United States.

The McCormick clan will also celebrate its chieftain ‘Cormac Gealta Gaoth’ who led an army of Irish, Scottish and Cumbrian warriors against the Roman Army inBritain in 87 AD.

With over 20,000 McCormicks now living in New York, and vast numbers living in Massachusetts, Texas, Chicago and California, the McCormick Clan also seek to give recognition to those who continue to excel in all quarters of American society, such as politics, business, acting, sports and within the US Government.

The McCormick Clan can claim as part of its membership actresses such as Kathryn McCormick, business leaders like former US Ambassador William P. McCormick (founder of McCormick Seafood Restaurants), Charles P. McCormick Jr (of Fortune 500 Company McCormick Spices) and Sean McCormick, former US Assistant Secretary of State.

The McCormick Clan Gathering will consist of a three day festival that will include Irish dancing, exhibitions, competitive sports, evening concerts, historical lectures and will finish with a dinner dance and the unveiling of a monument to deceased ancestors of the Clan.

“It is hoped that in excess of 1,500 of the 170,000 McCormicks worldwide will attend the Clan Gathering.”

For all those wishing to find out more about the McCormick Clan Gathering they can visit its webpage on Facebook (McCormick Clan Gathering 2013) or contact its main organiser Tomas MacCormaic at ‘Dál Cormaic Luisc, Clochrua, Cork,Ireland’; or by email at


McCormick family crest - Clan to meet in Kildare for a Gathering reunionGoogle Images