Old Irish names are back in vogue. Names that would likely be associated with long ago are now the names of choice for hip-young-things having kids.

However, what’s really changing is the names that are being used for girls.

Names such as Beatrice, Violet, and Florence are making a resurgence among baby girls and names like Harold, Harvey, and Stanley can apparently be heard in playground across the land.

Biblical names such as Caleb, Caleb, Ethan and Levi are also back in fashion along with slightly more stylish names like Calvin, Clifford, Felix and Ike.

The Irish names that seem to be trending according to Nameberry.com include Bernard for boys and names like Morris, Murray, and Neal for baby girls. Is this something we can really get behind?


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Is it time to stop messing with babies names and return to the more traditional names like Cathleen, Maura and Mary for girls and Sean, Ciaran and Kevin for boys?

Let us know your thoughts below.