The readers of Condé Nast's Traveler magazine have cast their votes for the friendliest and un-friendliest cities in the world, and the results are in.

The only European city to grace the top ten friendliest cities of the world, Kilkenny weighs in at number 9.

Reasons cited for Kilkenny's ranking are its "'clean' air and abundant pubs." The Irish city also received praise for its "wonderful restaurants [and] historical venues." Kilkenny was described as being "charming and full of proud folks who want you to sample their best."

Kilkenny wasn't the only Irish city to make the list. The top twenty friendliest cities featured three Irish cities in total; Dublin at 12 and Cork at 20 joined Kilkenny in the ratings.

Dublin is described in the magazine as "This big, bustling city with great museums, full of history and likable people." One Dublin enthusiast in particular said that "every local [they] came across had a smile in their voice and a joke at the ready."

Cork city also felt the love, being called "a beautiful seaside city" that is "very accommodating." Visitors said that there is "always something to see and participate in, no matter what time of year."