November 9 will mark the 50th anniversary of the election of John F. Kennedy as the 35th president of the United States. To mark this occasion the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, in Boston is celebrating his campaign day by day by recording every appointment of the campaign trail on Twitter.

Each day the library officials have taken it upon themselves to add tweets describing the details of the trail.

The Twitter documentation of his campaign trail began back on December 22, 2009. It announced “Relive history! Beginning 1/2/10, follow JFK on the campaign trail - 50 years later - via schedules culled from the JFK Library's archive.”

Each day is packed full of appointments, meetings, letters sent, notes received. Every minute piece of the campaign trail has been siphoned through, compiled and sorted and now is being relived through the modern technology of Twitter.

One of the most striking parts of the exercise, besides the incredible detail gained from the library’s constant posting is the brilliant and, and often completely memorable quotes that they post as extract from some of J.F.K’s most famous speeches along the trail. The extracts also include news articles, links to multimedia files and other resources at the libraries fingertips.

Just some include –

"I think that Mr. Nixon is a formidable candidate...I personally happen to believe that I can beat Mr. Nixon" – January 2, 1959

“Perhaps no area of the world deserves more of our knowledge and attention while getting so little as the great… continent of Africa.” – February 12, 1960

"And if the right to vote is being denied - as it is being denied... then no person's place in society is secure." – March 20, 1960
“A good politician, I am told, should follow three basic principles: glorify the past-avoid the present-and talk endlessly about the future.” – April 9, 1960

“Roosevelt accomplished more in the first 100 days of his administration than has been accomplished in 8 full years under…Eisenhower-Nixon.” – April 25, 1960

"With a deep sense of duty and high resolve, I accept your nomination." – June 15, 1960

This project exemplifies how modern technology can be used to bring history alive in modern times. The J.F. K. Library is also holding a series of exhibitions, educational events and public forums to celebrate one of America’s most significant moments in political history when Nixon conceded and J.F.K became the President of the United States.

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